Heifer International Nepal

Heifer Nepal Celebrated 20th Anniversary

Commemorating its 20 years of working in Nepal, Heifer International Nepal celebrated its 20th Anniversary in Kathmandu on 25th September. What began as a humble project to provide goats to 25 women in Gitanagar, Chitwan in the year of 1993 and came into agreement with Social Welfare Council in 1997, Heifer International Nepal on completion of 20 years has directly reached more than 250,000 resource poor smallholder farming families. It has also played a great role in training and empowering more than 100 local non-profit organizations who have replicated Heifer’s Value Based Holistic Community Development model. 

Heifer’s programs go beyond distributing livestock and agricultural inputs and technical trainings. In fact, these are just entry points to reach the community to build a relationship for holistic transformation. The Value Based Holistic Community Development model finds it strength in the training and reinforcement of the 12 cornerstones, which addresses the interrelated causes of poverty such as social discrimination, illiteracy, superstition and family/communal conflicts.  

The program saw the presence of dignitaries from various fields of work. The Honorable Minister for Livestock Development, Mr. Shanta Kumar Tharu congratulated Heifer on reaching this milestone and praised Heifer Nepal for the significant work they have done in social transformation and poverty reduction. He unveiled Photo Book: Journey of Heifer International’s 20 years in Nepal during this event. The minister mentioned as to how Heifer’s policy to work with smallholders has proved to be efficient and is lifting up the socio-economic status of many families. He highlighted that Heifer Nepal’s aim coincides with the goal of the Government of Nepal in being self-sufficient in meat and dairy, and he hopes to move hand in hand with Heifer to make this dream a reality.

The video on Journey of Heifer Nepal’s 20 years was released during the program.

The President and CEO of Heifer International Mr. Pierre Ferrari, the Senior Vice President of Programs Dr. Mahendra Nath Lohani, the Vice President of Philanthropy and Development Ms. Vicki Clarke represented Heifer headquarter during this event. The participants included government officials, bi- and multi-lateral donors, project partners, private sector partners, project beneficiaries, University and research institutions and Heifer Nepal staff.

Mr. Nilmani Baral, Vice chair of the Social Welfare Council congratulated Heifer on reaching this stage of public service. He mentioned how many humanitarian agencies in Nepal work with their own vested self-interest, but Heifer Nepal has been proving the critics wrong with their action and results. He appreciated Heifers work in working with poor communities and introducing them to technology and knowledge which have the capability of transforming their lives.

The mayor of Lalitpur Municipality, Mr. Chiribabu Maharjan expressed his wish for Heifer to provide their expertise to the Lalitpur Metropolitan City for the establishment of a hygienic slaughterhouse, something the city is missing now.

Honorable Ms. Ranjana Shrestha, Parliamentarian of Government of Nepal spoke about her personal relationship with Heifer during her remarks. She mentioned Heifer’s Cornerstones has helped her community to do away with negativity and bring in positivity into their lives. She praised Heifer for working with the poor community and their role in sustainable holistic development. Ms. Shrestha who still is a member of Jyoti Social Entrepreneur Women’s Cooperative, was one of the participants of Heifer’s project. She made her way up to the level of national policy making and holding a respectful position that everyone idealizes. She thanked Heifer personally for being one of the important influences in her success and achievements.

The program ended with remarks from Heifer International’s President and CEO, Mr. Pierre Ferrari. Mr. Ferrari mentioned that he feels privileged to be in company of a work force who has put in not only 20 years of work but 20 years’ worth of passion and commitment from heart. He thanked the entire Heifer team who have changed the lives of millions of people not only in Nepal but all over the globe.

For 20 years of Heifer's Journey video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsgBVacZsqs