Heifer International Nepal

Heifer Nepal Celebrates Nature on World Environment Day

KATHMANDU, 5 June — Heifer Nepal celebrated World Environment Day by embracing the 2017 theme Connecting People to Nature.

Connecting to nature can feel like a spiritual experience. Seeing the vastness of the universe and how all living things are connected makes us feel more humble and more dedicated to doing our own part to protect our environment. 

This year’s theme encouraged people to get out of their technology-ridden, stressful world, and appreciate the beauty and wonder of nature. As children, we were awed by colorful flowers blooming, the bluest of blue skies, and butterflies and bees zooming around us. But now, as technology replaces every minute of our lives, we look for special occasions to make us feel connected to nature again.

At Heifer, we are dedicated to uplifting marginalized populations in environmentally-friendly and sustainable ways. To make our office space greener, more friendly and stress free, Heifer Nepal planted various species of plants and tress around our office. 

We also participated in a tree planting program and a sharing session. Staff shared about their personal relationship to nature and what steps they’ve taken to reduce waste in their own lives. We discussed topics including: development without destruction; promoting eco-balance; reduction and reuse; and the role of livestock in environmental changes. 

Improving the Environment is one of our 12 Cornerstones, and we can all have a positive impact on our world.