Heifer International Nepal

Heifer Nepal, Government Bank Partner to Finance Farmers

Heifer Nepal and government-owned Rastriya Banijya Bank recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) agreeing to a commitment of $8.19 million USD. The bank's financing will support 1,050 households with subsided loans. Small-scale farmers will be able to take action on their business plans, expand their livestock enterprises, and further develop the value chains of goat, dairy, vegetables and local chicken. 

It is no surprise that lack of access to capital creates financial gaps among small-scale farming families. And the lack of financial institutions also results in limited savings, insurance and credits to farmers. With its presence in all 77 districts of Nepal, Rastriya Banijya Bank will help curb this challenge and provide NPR 0.5 million to NPR 1.5 million for 900 women entrepreneurs without collateral, as well as NPR 1.5 million up to NPR 50 million for 150 small- and medium-sized enterprise’s based on commercial agriculture and livestock business, with or without collateral.

Heifer’s expertise in livestock development partnered with the wide network and expertise of Banijya Bank will enhance access to finance for women entrepreneurs and small- and medium-sized enterprises engaged in the goat, dairy, vegetable and local chicken value chains. It is also looking forward to assessing and developing the capacity of small-scale farmers to start or expand their business and increase the bank's direct lending in various value chains.

Heifer International’s Accelerate model and Heifer Nepal’s Strengthening Small Holder in Livestock Value Chain both aim at increasing the living income of small-scale farmers. With partnerships such as this, Heifer can create an enabling environment for Nepalese farmers to increase their productivity and production along with employment opportunities. With its two decades of experience in the livestock sector, Heifer has reached 254,000 families in the production of various animal sourced foods.