Heifer International Nepal

Heifer Nepal Wins Second Prize in Asian Regional Conference on Goats

Heifer Nepal received second prize for an oral paper presentation entitled “Contribution of Smallholder Farmers in Activating Self-sufficiency in Goat Meat” during the Asian Regional Conference on Goats 2018. The event was organized by Amity University, Jaipur in collaboration with International Goat Association. 

Keshav Sah‍, Associate Director of Animal Well Being presented the paper during the “Socio-economic, Marketing and Financial Issues” session.

The sole objective of the conference was to promote the goat husbandry with the theme "Current Challenges in Goat Industry and the Strategies to Combat in Asian Region." Heifer Nepal will serve as an organizing partner for the 2019 Asian Regional Conference on Goats, which will be held in Nepal and led by Agriculture and Forestry University.