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Heifer Nepal's Women-led Farmer Cooperatives Rebuild and Distribute Relief in the Wake of Flooding Disaster

Heifer Nepal, working in collaboration with 35 local farmer cooperatives and local governments, has provided relief supplies to about 11,000 families, more than 58,500 people, in nine districts in Nepal following devastating flooding. The disaster is threatening to cause a serious food shortage in the South Asian nation. About 80 percent of the southern agricultural belt of Nepal was submerged in water, according to local news agencies. More than 21,500 families in Heifer’s project areas have been impacted by the disaster.

In Kachanapur, the Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industry opted to distribute its relief supplies through Heifer’s cooperatives due to the reliable and transparent process. The Sangini Social Entrepreneurs Women’s Cooperative distributed relief materials to flood-affected cooperative members immediately after the initial impact. The women’s cooperative distributed noodles, water and rice. Heifer mobilized at least 15 social entrepreneur women’s cooperatives in Rapti Sonari for distribution of relief packages.

“This kind of relief program mobilized through Cooperatives and governed by women is really exemplary and a novel practice. Cooperatives can be the driving force for development. Women-led cooperatives coming to the front during such an emergency situation shows that Heifer has really empowered and equipped them with good leadership skills. It has contributed a lot in socio-economic transformation of the community and helped them to rise again after this serious disaster.” – Pattu Tharu, former Parliamentarian

Distribution of relief supplies has included:

  • 178,000 kg of rice
  • 20,000 kg of pulses
  • 8,000 kg of salt
  • 13,500 liters of cooking oil
  • 15,500 kg of beaten rice
  • 15,500 kg of wheat flour
  • 6,000 kg of nutrela
  • Nearly 47,000 packets of noodles
  • 3,500 units of soap
  • 15,000 packets of oral rehydration salts
  • 870 packets of flour 
  • 510 sets of cooking utensils
  • 747 units of mosquito nets
  • 747 units of tarpaulin

“I have noticed Heifer to be the only organization dispatching such a huge relief support to flood victims. Further, the dispatch mechanism is transparent and rational. Therefore, I am confident that all needy families of Rapti Sonari will receive relief packages from Heifer and SEW Cooperative. I would heartily like to thank Heifer family and its network for such great work during this emergency, " said Chakra Bahadur Adhikari, Chairman of Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Kohalpur

As the flood water retreats, people have started to move back to their homes, but maintaining a livelihood is challenging for them with the damage to homes, livestock and crops. 

Our Heifer farmers and staff are working hard in the wake of disaster, and there’s still a lot of work to do.

Source from: https://www.heifer.org/join-the-conversation/blog/2017/August/heifer-projects-in-nepal-affected-by-flooding.html?isource=HIDSH17CX0524