Heifer International Nepal

Long-Awaited Abattoir to be Constructed in Butwal, Nepal

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed between a construction company and Butwal Sub-Metropolitan city for the construction of the long-awaited abattoir in Butwal, Nepal. Pushed back by three months due to COVID-19, the construction process will begin shortly and is expected to be completed within 18 months. With the support of $578,322 from the Ministry of Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperative in Province 5, and  $247,852 from the Butwal Sub-Metropolitan City for this fiscal year, the abattoir will utilize the Public-Private-Producer-Partnership (4P) model.

Mayor Shiv Raj Subedi said, “The importance of [an] abattoir has only grown with the current scenario of COVID-19. We need to understand the importance of consuming hygienic meat products.” Mayor Subedi committed to the appropriate funding for the success of this project. 

By utilizing the Public-Private-Producer-Partnership model, experts believe this abattoir will be self-sustaining. Regional producer farmers and the meat entrepreneurs will be responsible for running the abattoir after construction is completed. An estimated 12,000 goat farmers from Heifer projects and more than 300 meat entrepreneurs are expected to invest in this company as shareholders. Together, they have already committed $826,175. These funds will be collected in their respective cooperatives. 

Heifer Nepal will provide the technical expertise and link farmers to the abattoir. The cooperatives set up by Heifer, and the social capital that has already been established, continues to play a major role in gathering so many farmers to trust each other and work together.

The government and Heifer Nepal is working toward making the abattoir a success with a new spirit and vigor. By involving the producer farmers and the meat entrepreneurs, a sense of ownership has been established and farmers' excitement is at all-time high. The farmers are happy about the prospect of a secure market, as well as knowing they will receive profits as shareholders in the abattoir. 

With COVID-19 infections creating havoc worldwide, and its link to the consumption of animal produce, now more than ever is the time to establish a proper abattoir system. Once the abattoir is established, Heifer Nepal will have played a vital role in the formation of a working goat value chain from production to processing to market.