Heifer International Nepal

Nepal Pilot Project Engages Students to Mentor Entrepreneurs

Heifer Nepal recently partnered with Antarprerana, "a private company providing mentorship and investment to Nepali entrepreneurs." The collaboration will provide customized mentorship for 60 model goat entrepreneurs — who have more than 20 does in 10 cooperatives in Heifer working sites in Chitwan and Nepalgunj — through the engagement of 30 undergrad and postgraduate business students.

A first of its kind in Nepal, a prototype project Strengthening Capacities of Model Goat Entrepreneurs through Student Engagement envisions to use academic institutions and their students to provide enterprise and business knowledge to entrepreneurs and enhance the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Nepal. 

The students will work as business mentors to help the entrepreneurs develop business plans, pitch ideas and connect them to various stakeholders who can support them in improving their business profitability. They will be supporting both the cooperatives and the goat entrepreneurs to better diagnose their business model and develop bankable business plans, as well as provide assistance for strengthening their business development capacity. 

With this pilot intervention, Heifer aims to enhance the business operation and financial literacy of the goat entrepreneurs by linking with upstream actors, business development service providers, and banking and financial Institutions.

Heifer Nepal knows engagements like this one is a great opportunity to make its presence felt among the country's youth. And, to utilize their knowledge to support the smallholders toward living income and the national aim of goat meat self-sufficiency. Heifer Nepal hopes that this alliance will not only improve goat production, but also pave the way to form a partnership between nonprofit entities, private companies, producers and academic institutions to incorporate knowledge into rural enterprises.