Heifer International Nepal

Passing on the Gift Ceremony Observed in Palpa, Nepal

Although COVID-19 has affected many project activities, Heifer International's hallmark approach of Passing on the Gift® has been observed by four self-help groups in Tansen,-5 Palpa. 

During the first Passing on the Gift ceremony for the Agriculture and Livestock Enterprise Development project, the following self-help groups took part: Sagarmatha; Jagriti; Jukiya; and Adarsha.

The project aims to empower 1,000 women and 400 youth in the livestock and agriculture sector during the period of 30 months. The project under the collaboration of Heifer Nepal, Tansen Municipality and REDA, Palpa has been run on a 75- 25% funding partnership between the Tansen Municipality and Heifer Nepal.

Maintaining social distancing, the ladies made their way to the venue. An excited Juna Bika, the chairperson of Sagarmatha Self-Help Group, said, “We set up the group, received various trainings and now we are receiving goats from the project. We have high hopes to bring big changes in income of every women present here.” Fifteen of her group members are receiving 25 does and a breeding buck.

Cheers and laughter ran high in the ceremony despite the uncertainty brought around by COVID-19. Twenty-five members of Jagriti Self-Help Group received gifts of does and a breeding buck by the chairperson of their own ward. Group Chairperson Aimi Rana, said, “We are committed to develop our area for the production of quality seed animals.”

Speaking at the event, Mayor Ashok Kumar Sahi said, “This project envisions to bring enterprise opportunities, livelihood and development into the villages via livestock and agriculture. As many migrant workers have returned home in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we see huge possibilities of growing agriculture and livestock enterprises, and this project certainly will be the milestone.”

A total of 170 does and eight breeding bucks were passed on during the event. All animals have been insured through Sagarmatha Insurance Company. Local government authorities and community members are excited about the project model as they are convinced the project will be effective.