Heifer International Nepal


Application Deadline: 04 Jan, 16:30

No. of Openings: 1


The Project Manager will be responsible for completion of all activities and deliverables of the prototype project “Development of Abattoir (Goat)”. S/he will work in close collaboration and coordination with the Heifer Nepal Program team, project partners, Government of Nepal (GoN) BFIs, cooperatives, private investors and local technicians. In addition, s/he will also contribute in scale-up of learnings for the wider benefit of farmers. This position is based in Kathmandu and requires extensive field work.


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Business Administration or Agricultural Economics or related field plus minimum 5 years’ experience in project management.
  • Experience of working in meat or food industry will be added advantage.


Develop master plan and process related to Abattoir Development (20%)

  • Work with national/international consultants to develop overall engineering design (blue print) including entire landscape, main building, waste management plants, staff quarters, holding yard etc for construction of the abattoir.
  • Work with technical experts to determine specification of abattoir equipment including waste management plants and explore national international vendors.
  • Facilitate procurement process for both machinery and civil work and provide oversight in construction and establishment.
  • Facilitate the process of developing Detail Project Plan (DPR) for abattoir
  • Coordinate with the GoN representatives and private investors for resource allocation for construction of the Abattoir.

Develop business plan and investment proposals (20%).

  • Work with diverse stakeholders to define different aspects of abattoir as a business.
  • Proper analysis on financial viability of abattoir in order to attract investment for the abattoir which should include analysis of Return on Investment (ROI), breakeven point, Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Payback Period and other relevant financial analysis for informed investment decision making.
  • Develop a comprehensive business plan that considers the difference in all the different market clusters.
  • Organize B2B Meetings with potential VC actor for stronger market linkages and Analyze the possible source of funding and reach out to them and convince them in investing in Abattoir.
  • Collaboratively work with A2F lead to identify possible collaborators and investors.
  • Work with legal experts to ensure compliance of public private partnership policy, company act and other relevant legal provisions.


Support producers and private investors to organize for equity investment in Abattoir (20%).

  • Consult with legal advisors and be informed of the required working modality and existing policies about the private company appropriate for the Abattoir.
  • Clearly orient and explain the merits and demerits of the working modality of Abattoir under private company model to the producers and private investors.
  • Collaboratively work with Heifer country and field staff to convince the producers and private investors on private company model.
  • Work with relevant stakeholders to generate documents required for company registration for the Abattoir.
  • Ensure fulfillment of legal requirement for collaboration between the actors of PPPP model.

Support operationalization of Abattoir as business (20%).

  • Support and facilitate in decision making process of the Abattoir Management Committee (AMC).
  • Ensure effective operation of the Abattoir through development of governance systems and policies like Human Resource (HR) policy and Administrative procedure
  • Ensure incorporation of Good Manufacturing Practice in operationalization of the Abattoir
  • Support the AMC to overlook the construction and management activities of Abattoir.
  • Set up a reporting and communication system for effective information flow in the Abattoir as private company.
  • Ensure compliance of national and international acts, regulations, guidelines related to meat/food safety and quality.
  • Ensure effective communication between the actors of PPPP model.
  • Ensure proper marketing and sales strategies are development and implemented by the AMC.

Document the process and learning of Abattoir (20%).

  • Generate guidelines, training manuals and toolkits for development of Abattoir.
  • Ensure proper documentation for process as well as outcomes, prepare periodic reports and update the leadership team.
  • Facilitate the process of preparing scaling up proposals for different Abattoirs in different Market Cluster.
  • Generate case studies, technical briefs, policy briefs and knowledge document and share it in different forums.



Submit Application Form, CV, Cover Letter (mentioning expected remuneration) and photograph at hr.nepal@heifer.org or GPO Box: 6043, Kathmandu, Nepal by January 4, 2018. Only short listed candidates will be invited for the interview. Telephone enquiries will not be entertained.