Heifer International Nepal


Application Deadline: 04 Feb, 17:00

No. of Openings: 1


  • Offline & Online financial management features at sub-project level.
  • Project management features like: project set up, budgeted, non-budgeted, planned and un-planned event management; dashboard features, automation of progress report with dashboard, project database, Management of detail implementation plan.
  • Financial management features like: Journal voucher, ledger, trial balance, cash flow, bank reconciliation, Balance Sheet, Budget Revision, uploading scan documents, reports consolidation sub project wise etc.
  • Additional features: integration with Detail Implementation Plan and project expenditures, customized report generation facilities etc.


Offerors must be legally registered to operate in Nepal. The Offerors must be registered in VAT and tax clearance certificate.


Accounting Module:



  • Provision to enter the sub line item budget and unit (primary unit) on monthly basis
  • Option to choose document class (planned/unplanned )
  • Option for donor / project wise budget
  • Any changes in budget should be address through budget revision and budget revision should be routed through system access of Program officer (PO)
  • Provision for making cash flow (budget plan) and it should be routed through PO
  • Reforecast budget (semi-annually)


  • Double entry accounting system
  • Only Journal entry needed to feed into the system
  • Donor/Project and primary units are mandatory in journal voucher
  • Allow to enter the expense if only  budget is available
  • Don’t allow to enter the expense, if expenses is exceed the sub line item budget
  • Pop up message when expenses is more than 90% of sub line item budget
  • Able to capture planned and unplanned voucher
  • Able to upload scanned documents to vouchers.


  • Required to post the budget by PC only
  • Required to post journal voucher
  • After posting the voucher and budget, it cannot be modified
  • Restrict prior month voucher entry at subproject level, however super admin can have right to edit the voucher date.

Bank Reconciliation

  • Bank Reconciliation is mandatory in system
  • Unreconciled item will have to transfer in next month
  • Description should be mandatory for unreconciled item

Open   donor/   project

  • Partners are allowed to open the donor and project

Ledger/sub   ledger

  • Show donor wise ledger/sub ledger


  • Financial reports
    • Balance sheet
    • Donor/Project wise Trail Balance
    • Income & Expenditure a/c
    • Fund accountability statement
    • Donor/Project wise budget vs expenses
    • Declaration template
    • Bank Reconciliation
  • Management Reports
    • Year wise Budget
    • Donor wise budget
    • Project wise budget
    • Monthly/Quarterly Cash flow (planned budget)  vs expenses report
    • Donor/Project/Year wise budget
    • Life cycle budget vs exp (if more than one year)
  • Consolidate Reports
    • Consolidate reports for all subproject
    • Consolidate report need to align with agresso post back

Customized chart of account

  • Assets (Allow subproject holder to open/edit sub list of assets)
  • Liabilities (Allow subproject holder to open/edit sub list of liabilities)
  • Reserve ( Don’t allow sub project to edit the reserve)
  • Revenue (Allow subproject holder to open/edit sub list of revenue)
  • Expense (Don’t allow to add change edit of the expense head)
  • Project wise Chart of Account

Financial  Year   ending

  • Year ending individual subproject
  • Option  for Project wise/donor wise year end

Opening   balance

  • Opening balance -donor wise/project wise
  • Donor wise trial balance need to match
  • Previous year remaining budget should automatically appear as an opening budget of next fiscal year
Non-accounting Reports Module


  • Policies and Procedures
  • Forms and Formats
  • Catalytic Leverage Fund (CaLf) – Budget & Actual Entry and Reports (by cooperative, by line item, by Calf Category)

Server   Application

  • Application program to sync offline data to server application
  • Version upgrade system
  • Customized reports at the server level with filter levels
  • Define legitimate admin roles (level of access, admin rights, data security)
  • Notification message of synced data (from client application)
  • Option to communicate for data editing to PPs
  • Data handling, storage and security and sharing rights


Applications need to be sent along with Organization profile, PAN/VAT certificate and Tax clearance certificate to procurement-np@heifer.org with the subject “Financial Management Software” by 4th February 2020.

Only shortlisted organizations will be contacted for further process. HPIN reserves the right to accept or reject any/all submitted quotation without assigning any reason.