Heifer International Nepal

Entrepreneurs Vow to Sell Only Hygienic Meat

During two separate events in Rupandehi District, Nepal, 52 meat entrepreneurs were successfully trained in Heifer's 12 Cornerstones. Anant Silwal‍, program manager of market development, led the trainings. 

These events were great opportunities for Heifer Nepal to interact and understand the entrepreneurs’ point of view. The Cornerstones addressed the interrelated causes of poverty, such as social discrimination, illiteracy, superstition and conflicts. Participants were also empowered to take charge of their personal development.

Participants were impressed with the training and took little time to form their own subcommittee. The subcommittee is dedicated to meet every month to discuss issues facing the proper supply of quality meat products. Participants created interesting and challenging business plans to follow in the days to come.

Participants were also equally enthusiastic about the abattoir that Heifer Nepal is constructing.

Meat entrepreneurs are major players in the supply of quality meat to consumers and are responsible for public health. In a country like Nepal, where animal slaughter standards and procedures are often overlooked, the Cornerstones have helped participants change their perspective on the previous ways they've worked. Now, they are determined to provide quality, hygienic meat produce to their customers