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Gender Action Learning System (GALS) 

Project Location : Rautahat, Sarlahi, Saptari, Siraha, Dhanusha, Mahottari and Bara districts

Project Duration : October 2021 to July 2022



The project aims at supporting the integration and consolidation of GALS in its investments in Nepal (RERP, ASDP, and VITA), using this methodology as a strategy embedded in selected interventions to promote greater gender equality, behavioral change of rural populations and improved capacity to plan and deliver upon sustainable livelihoods strategies. GALS is a key strategy to achieve its corporate commitment to bring about gender transformative results, transforming gendered power dynamics by addressing social norms, practices, attitudes, beliefs, and value systems that represent structural barriers to women’s and girls’ inclusion and empowerment. GALS addresses these issues in a practical manner, even in non-literate rural communities. The overall view of this project is to scale up the use of GALS and institutionalize this methodology in Nepal, including its values and principles of implementation.

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