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Call for Applications for Statistician & Human Nutritionist

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Job Description

Heifer Project International is a nonprofit corporation formed under the laws of the State of Arkansas, United States of America, carrying out its charitable work internationally (“HPI”) and has branch office in Nepal known as Heifer Project International Nepal (HPIN). It’s broad working domain covers research in livestock and related field for development of suitable technologies/ create knowledge base. HPIN is seeking competent Statistician & Human Nutritionist consultant to enlist in its roster for assisting Heifer team in research projects.

1. Statistician

The Scope of Work:

  1. Assist in developing appropriate/ valid study design based on the project concept
  2. Assist in power calculations and sample size determination for the proposed research.
  3. Generate testable hypotheses.
  4. Supervise data quality in conjunction with field research team.
  5. Clean data, prepare comprehensive database for analysis.
  6. Perform various statistical analyses that best suits the data collected for testing the hypotheses set.
  7. Prepare tables or figures of results in a publishable format, as needed.
  8. Be innovative in conducting statistical analyses, act as leader in data analysis.
  9. In collaboration, prepare results sections of papers to be submitted for publication.
  10. Assist in all aspects of publication process.
  11. Be available for discussions and clarifications as needed, with project team.


The consultant should have at least Master’s degree in Statistics/ Biometrics and the following competencies.

  1. Sound knowledge on Research Methodology
  2. Capable of analyzing data using computer software packages such as R, SAS, SPSS or any other software
  3. Minimum 3 years of experience in research design and data analysis.
  4. Working experience in research projects funded by donor agencies will be an added advantage.

2. Human Nutritionist

The Scope of Work:

  1. Design nutrition related intervention as part of the project or independent project
  2. Design a targeted nutrition curriculum for use in target groups to be incorporated into ongoing community development activities. The appropriate modules including didactic and practical components need to be envisioned.
  3. Design a Training of Trainers curriculum to prepare community facilitators to administer this curriculum. Design appropriate refresher course.
  4. Conduct the TOT sessions. This TOT curriculum will be given over 2-3 days, likely repeated in several different locations.
  5. Conduct refresher course.
  6. Conduct at least one supervisory visit to field during period of intense training, to verify delivery of training in target groups.
  7. Design a Training of Trainers curriculum to prepare community facilitators to administer this curriculum. Design appropriate refresher course.
  8. Assist in planning the collection of diet information at the household level. Assist in designing innovative methods to quantify food intake.
  9. Liaise with Nepal Dietetics Association as needed
  10. Liaise with community FCHVs to link them to project nutrition activities.
  11. Liaise with the Nutrition Department in the Family Welfare Division, Government of Nepal as needed. Facilitate planning for scaling up activities.
  12. Participate in stake-holder meetings in the field and at government level with scaling-up partners.
  13. Contribute to preparation of scientific presentations, reports, and articles submitted for peer-review.
  14. Present and disseminate results as approved by Heifer Nepal.


The consultant should have at least Master’s degree in human nutrition and Dietetics with the following competencies

  1. At least 3 years of working experience in research or academia or development organization
  2. Have prior experience of designing Nutrition related training course and conducting ToTs
  3. Have sound knowledge on research methodology

Ethical Compliance:

  1. The consultant shall not make use of any published or confidential information made available in the course of performing the duties under the term of agreement except upon authorization. This provision shall remain in force after the expiration or recession of this contract.
  2. All analyses, results, and databases are to remain confidential between the statistician and Human Nutritionist consultant and the supervisor or personnel from Heifer Nepal.

Interested and experienced individuals are requested to submit application along with the following documents mentioning email subject line “Application for Statistician” or “Application for Human Nutritionist” through email to: [email protected]

  • Application Letter
  • Updated CV
  • Consultancy fee (Per Day Rate, NPR)
  • Copy of VAT/PAN registration certificate (VAT registered vendor encouraged to apply)

Deadline for Submission of Application: 13th August, 201 before 5 PM.